Amerex Portables

Amerex Portable Extinguisher Resources

Amerex Portables Catalog Jan’22

Amerex Wheeled Extinguisher Catalog June’21

Portable FE Parts Jan’22

Amerex Portables Classification and Testing

Amerex Water Unit and K Class

Portables Overview, Ratings and Chemical Fill (coming soon)

Amerex Portable Periodic Inspection Procedures 9/2021

Amerex Portable Recharging Procedure 11/2021


Wheel Unit Hose Coiling

Wheeled Unit Clean Agent Maintenance


Wheeled Unit Dry Chemical Maintenance

Owners Maintenance Guides

05608 Owner’s Manual wheel store

5606 Owner’s Manual wheeled-halon-1211-extinguishers-d97eee15

05605 Owner’s Manual wheel cartr

05603 Owner’s Manual CO2

05602 Owner’s Manual portable-dry-chem-ext

05601 Owner’s Manual water 240

00914 – Owner’s Manual for hand portable extinguishers

16303 Owner’s Manual Water Mist

13259 Owner’s Manual WetChm

08220 Owner’s Manual class D 57- B57

05619 Owner’s Manual class d 571

05618 Owner’s Manual co2 wheel

05617 Owner’s Manual high perf wheel

05614 Owner’s Manual 300 wheel cartr

05612 Owner’s Manual wheel 50 DC store

Novec Wheeled Units

halotron recharge recovery

125-150lb Stored Pressure Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

NFPA10 Before Recharging

NFPA10 The Impact of Testing Changes in NFPA 10

NFPA10 obsolete fire extinguishers

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